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Hodlers Leaving to the moon in 3... 2... 1...

$ 0.055 / 1 million NIK



$ 61,709.50

$ 82,279.33

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Nikola Rocket

The next binance smart chain rocket!

Community Driven

Nik is 100% community-driven! Any and all good suggestions will be considered!

Automatic Liquidity

Every trade adds to the liquidity pool, making this token unrugable.

Passive Rewards

NIK holders are rewarded with a portion of every transaction made! Your balance will grow indefinitely.

Road Map

NIK Has Launched

NIK has launched during this phase, this is where the early adopters come in, and the unrugable liquidity pool starts to grow. Whales will be born during this phase.

NIK Development Team

In this phase the NIK development team will start looking for partners that have an interest in integrating our payment systems into existing services.

NIK Partnership Phase

This is the last push of our initial development and partnership phase of NIK, here we will look to get listed on the largest exchanges in the world, be they centralized or not. Binance will be the first step.